Workplace Distractions Cost More Than You Know



Open office floor plans are praised for their encouragement of team building and communication. But these open-style offices can also create increased levels of stress among employees. Even low levels of noise at work reduce problem-solving skills by almost 40 percent and significantly raise levels of stress over those colleagues in quiet offices. These struggles with stress and concentration are primarily a result of the constant distractions of surrounding discussions and a lack of privacy for your own confidential conversations.

The VoiceArrest™ System was designed to provide acoustic comfort in such stressful environments. The gentle, background sound covers conversations and distractions. No more interruptions from miscellaneous office noise. And no further worries about who might overhear your confidential conversations.


The VoiceArrest™ Sound Masking System is measurably the most effective sound masking system available. Here are a few of the benefits you will enjoy as a result of this new advanced technology in almost any workplace.



Because the VoiceArrest™ Sound Masking System delivers both spatial and spectral uniformity of sound, this technology can operate at lower levels than competitive systems and still provide effective voice masking and privacy. Most masking systems must operate at 48 to 51 decibels of sound in order to provide acceptable privacy for most of the office space. The VoiceArrest™ System, however, is normally operated at 45 decibels under the same conditions.

The increased effectiveness of the VoiceArrest™ Sound Masking System provides for equivalent privacy, and quieter background sound. Or if you require even higher levels of privacy than most offices, you can utilize the higher settings without increasing the noise to an intrusive level.



With other masking systems, the air space above the ceiling is utilized to distribute the white noise for sound masking. When the masking is delivered in appropriate volumes above the open cubicles, the sound also echoes in the ceiling above the closed offices. Even though there are no loudspeakers present, the result is often excessive noise levels in the closed office. The old systems could only resolve this problem by lowering the settings which resulted in less consistent privacy across the open office space.



Businesses and other facilities are looking for a cost-effective way to provide speech privacy. The VoiceArrest™ Speech Privacy Sound Masking System can meet this need. While providing state-of-the-art speech privacy, the VoiceArrest™ System utilizes more-effective technology and methods, allowing them to offer their technological and performance enhancements at a modest, competitive price, even when compared to the older, less-effective products.